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Badd Chick of the Moment: Michelle Phan

It’s that time again. Despite the unfortunate loss on ABDC, Kristine Bueta will still be in my heart. But let me put you on to Michelle Phan.

I came across this fine lady’s youtube channel-and shit-the batch is quite the popular one. She has like over a million views and 40,000 subscribers. Her videos are a collection of hair and make-up beauty tutorials using little or least expensive products. I’ve watched a couple tutorials and damn this girl is innovative. SOME OF YOU LADIES NEED TO FOLLOW SUIT. None the less: the Chick is Badd. 

art school girl

She’s a illustration student somewhere in Florida (art school kudos) and is sponsored by make-up companie(s). Check this tho, she makes money from these companies but uses all of it to fund non-profit organizations. That’s a very noble deed, Michelle Phan.

Even though I’m a guy, her video tutorials are fun to watch. She covers everything from applying make-up for dramatic effects to using kitty litter for an inexpensive facial. WHODA-THUNK? She doesn’t say a word in these videos, but she narrates them…(?) She also has a xanga. Still. (?) I’m not knocking the xanga because she has quality content..but come on. Get a blogspot or something.

One of the videos I saw…that made me fall in love with her…was her tutorial on creating “Romantic Curls.” GAHH-LEE. This is the perfect example of why shes Badd. She knows what shes doing. And she knows how to do it. Shes dangerous. Kind of like the biological weapon in The Rock (starring Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage)..and by this I mean you have to handle it carefully..or it’ll cause your skin to bubble and melt.(ht?)

Beautiful, gorgeous, ravishing, stunning, sightly and lovley. She’s alladat. Yeno, by reaching the end of this post, I’m starting to question if she’s super ugly without make-up. …..NEHH.

Peep her Curls tutorial: LADIES-do this often please.


Introducing: JZAs Blog Bad Chick of the Moment

This will be a segment dedicated to a chick who I think is Badd at the moment. And when I say Badd; I do not mean Badd meaning “bad,” but Badd meaning “good.” By no way do I mean do disrespect or offend the aforementioned women and any/all those other women [girls] who may be jealous. Just like 2k9 has the Jordan Brand Player of the Game-this is JZAs Blog Badd Chick of the Moment.

This will not be an undignified recognition of just plain “hot chicks.” What is a hot chick really? An attractive heartless female with the self-esteem of a teenage boy with severe acne and the maturity of a 13 year old? Nope. I will share with you,what I think is, top shelf, high-quality, high-grade love at first sight-fuck-around-and-get-married type of Badd girls. 


Which brings us to this blog’s first ever Badd Chick of the Moment. And who better to kick it off than:


What is it about this lady that makes worthy of BCM? What DOESNT? Esteemed member of Team Millenia, Bueta is known for her incredible precision and sex-appeal when she performs. Such a talented artist she is. And really, what man can deny a woman who can cut a rug as raw and smooth as her? Sure she’s extremely pretty, but her dance moves make you wanna grab her by the waist and start body rolling. And from what I’d like to assess, she’s definitley not a bitch. She seems very nice. I hear shes a bit of a tomboy-which I think is sexy. And I don’t doubt for one second, that she has probably the coolest personality ever. A true to life, “dime of the dozen.” No not “dime piece,” I mean One of a kind.

FUNNY STORY: Back in July my boy Enai Q and myself attended the N.E.R.D. concert at the fillmore. Recently, Enai Q informed be that Bueta was at the same N.E.R.D concert we went to. He even swears that she was part of the small entourage of chicks that cut us in line that day. TIGHT.

If me and niq were here..that means she was to my right somewhere..

Make no mistake, this girl is Badd. With serious dancing skills, charming appearance and tomboy-ish swag, Bueta has earned a spot as JZAs Blog Badd Chick of the Moment.


Bonus: A vid of Bueta showing how its done at a workshop. The first time I saw this, my heart skipped a beat at :33.