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Air France

…too soon? Ouch Kabibble. So this post was supposed to have video treat of the Blackscale Popup store opening. BUT, JZA blooped all over himself and forgot his fucking batteries for his camera. I figure I drop this on you: My Cinematography final.

Hope everyone is having a good summer. Or lack thereof.


GRG vT Artist Feature: Wild n Krazy Kids Radio

New GRG artist feature on the world famous, award winning Krazy Kids Radio.

Recorded during the March 17th show giving you a visual of their weekly-always crackin, always entertaining-radio broadcast. Don’t forget to listen to their show every tuesday at 5pm or download their podcast on iTunes!

Here I am

Almost lost you guys for a second. Sorry for my absence. 


Anywho, check out this video treat I did for a friends friends hair show x graduation celebration. It took place at the highly famed diPietro Todd Salon in San Francisco. Berry nice place. Berry professional steez.


For this video, I experimented with composite modes and layering colors to get a different overall “color palette.” Personally, I’m a fan of deep contrast, so whenever I can, I try to push the blacks as far as visual appeal can handle. Contrast is kind of a tricky concept when it comes to color cinematography. It can only be done if you have a very good lighting set up. At the show, there was somewhat of a lighting set up comprised of two flooded spots to light the runway, with two color filtered lamps (for that ‘mood’) and one spot light facing down the runway towards audience. Not an ideal light plan for what I wanted to achieve, but gave me somthing to work with.

What got me excited was the spot light facing the audience. It gave a gorgeous backlight to the models as they walked down. Since it was a hair show, most of my shots focused on the heads/hair of the models. That backlight helped with: 1. illuminating the intended subject (models hair) 2. Giving depth to the subject. This can be best seen in the models with lighter color hair anndd the first model that walks in the purple dress (who i think is kinda hot.)

FCP set up: video tracks layered on top of eachother. bottom layer given 15-25% cyan/blue tint. top layer set to “overlay” composite mode.

Let me know what yall think pls. thks. *watch in high quality please!

kinda behind

(yes i stole this from niq.)

Greatest apologies for not having a decent video treat for yall, but fret not, I’ve got an arsenal of shit comin your way.

Yesterday, Enai Q and myself headed over to the town where it all crack, to the Youth Radio building. We met up with none other than the world-famous, award winning Wild n Krazy Kids Radio show. We covered thm for the next GRG artist feature so look out for that soon.

During the radio show, they were kind enough to give us some interview time of our own! (OMGG) Be sure to download or listen free on their website! You should subscribe to and download their podcast on iTunes! The shit is free and the music and mixes are of the finest quality. DO IT.


BIG shout out to the Krazy Kids fam: DJ Ant-1, J Boo, Ruby Red I, MzFrantastik, Miso Soup, and Teflon Dom!


**UPDATE**: The show is now up! Click HERE to listen! We’re on alittle towards the end. Thanks again WKK!

Spring Break: Day 1
After a rigorous week of midterms, I get to relax and enjoy a nice long week of spring break. Pretty crazy on Friday, I  didnt wake up on time for class. So I thought fast. I emailed my teacher and told her I got into a car accident. I went and got coffee and she e-mails me back saying if I get there by 3pm shed let me take the midterm…it was 2pm when i got it. Got there, took it, and BOUNCED.


Later that evening…


Met up with friends and hit up a round of POWER HOUR. I swore to god I’d never do it again. But serious this time. Heres some flicks..but you GOTTA watch the vids. My thing for the night was to get highly famed siracha dance team member THAI-NGAN to show me her best body roll. Watch the vids and tell me WHO broke WHO off?…also special guest MAINSTACKS!! OMMFFGG……!!1!


3 1/2 cases it was on sale

3 1/2 cases "it was on sale"


The most bitchen perspective drawing EvEr. AAU-WHAT IT DOO

The most bitchen perspective drawing EvEr. AAU-WHAT IT DOO



PowerHour. Goggle it.

PowerHour. Goggle it.


This nigga DTM.

This nigga DTM.


Celebrity appearance from Kalvin and Nancy of Mainstacks. They gave a moment of their time to show the media some love.

Celebrity appearance from Kalvin and Nancy of Mainstacks. They gave a moment of their time to show the media some love.



This is when powerhour hit 50. 


“…thats me at the club, baby…”


The grand FINALE.

Video Treat 5: Bloop

Why do I feel like its been ages since the last video treat? Anyway, take this it’s yours. We’ve got another artist feature coming at you next week.

Until then suck on this video treat.

GRG vT: Artist Feature- BLVCK SCVLE


UPDATE: The Lookbook is now live on Hypebeast and Black Scale website! Big up’s to Mega, Black Scale, Black Ops, Tim and Sean for a sick lookbook and for allowing GRG to film.

Here is the artist feature as promised. Featuring SF born Black Scale. We had the privilege of filming their photo shoot for their spring lookbook and got some face time with the man behind (most of) the action, Mega. Pretty sick themes and color ways this season, be sure to check them out on their website and also Mega’s hypebeast blog.