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use that gps to get to the gpe
July 30, 2009, 8:19 am
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If ya dont know, now you know.


Bloop it anywhere
July 29, 2009, 8:58 am
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Bloop is when you dont FUCKIN UPDATE YOUR GOD DAMN BLOG. 

On the bright side, the first ever Bloop shirt was a success. And for that, Enai Q and myself are grateful for your guys’ support. From Arizona to So Cal to New york to Pennsylvania to Yaba’s house- Bloop was delivered. Shirts are still available, however, I only have a few Larges and Xtra-Larges left. All shirts come with stickers and an exclusive Bloop pin (while supplies last.)

Please e-mail if you’re lookin to cop.


If you dont wear large or xtra large or if you slept on the drop; fret not. We have a plethora of shirts planned to release before this years end (and beyond). We’ll be reprinting the Champions tee with a black/red color way along with the release of a new shirt. We’re also printing new stickers so do stay tuned for more fun shit to come!


Ladies: we will be having some thangs for yall as well. Due to a huge demand from the Bloopettes of the world, we’ll have a cool lil tshirt coming out soon. 


What is Bloop? I don’t know-You tell me. 

Bloop is you get at a fine ass girl, and she’s with it, but her breath stinks like dick.

Bloop is when you see that dude walk into the club by himself, and first thing he does is look at his phone.

Bloop can be a term for success, or even better, for failure.


Bloop is not a brand or a company. It’s just a bunch of fun, shown on garments.

Blogging is still cool right?
July 10, 2009, 2:03 am
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Props to whoever reads this…and if im still on your blogroll. Lulz. But I wanna get back on this and blog about things that dont matter. 

However, what DOES matter is this:

Bloop stickers. Shirts. Pins. The whole shebang. Stay tuned on my blog and dont worry about yaba.

Video Treat 6: FLip Cup with bloop set

HEERREEE IT ISSS. Finally. It’s from last week but hey, at least the ball is moving. Guest apperances from your favorite bloops, Bloop Skywalker, Bloopac Shakur, Bloope Fiasco, and The Bloopadonna aka Bloopluvin. Also rapper, Bloop Doggy Dog came through for the action!

Bloop set united

This past weekend was the celebratory congregation of the BLOOP SET. That man Japes aka Bloope Fiasco turned 21 and we got this nigga fuckkeeedd up. In the day we ate the world famous salad master food. Then headed over to Burlingame for that PRO fessional go karting. Then drove even farther down the bay to D&B’s. Tiring, but fun day. BTW, this is my last week of school so dont worry my blog isnt gonna be so fucking boring. 


Im the batch with his suit half way off.

Im the batch with his suit half way off.


Bloopac Shakur

Bloopac Shakur x Bloopface Killer


The Bloopettes

The Bloopettes



BLOOP-Tang Clan..note my nigga racing in his Yeezy's...Somewhere in the world, a hypebeast just slit his wrist.



the THIS GUY photo for the night.

the THIS GUY photo for the night.


party next to us wanted to rage with us

party next to us wanted to rage with us


Yup, PNR. point of no return

Yup, PNR. point of no return




Happy Bday JAPES.

Happy Bday JAPES.

Sicker Than Swine Flu

Schools done. Meaning Enai Q and myself are forming like voltron to assemble the most amazing shit you’ve ever seen….and maybe…..worn..(?)…


Peep game.


you already know. Bloop Set taking over. BSU biittchhh. We’re looking to press up some shirts by Summers Dawn. Let me know who and if you’d be down to cop so we can get a ball park number of how many to make! DM me…or E-mail me: HOLLA.