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isnt this funny?

isnt this funny?

Wow…has it been a while or has it been a while? My finals are calming down with only two more weeks of school left! Video treats should be making a come back as well as some small productions: music videos, short films…Ive been cooking up some marvelous shit in this here noggin of mine So please make a mental note to be on the look out for those. And then do that. 

You all know that man Jay Ant. Wellp, hes working on releasing another mixtape to follow up his last mixtape All About Being Cool. He played some of his new shit for me and boy, oh, boy I think the myspace boppers and other young bay-destrian turning punk rock kids are gonna jizz in their pants over. But for us mature, esteemed hip-hop enthusiats his songs will do nothing short of amaze. Jay’s gone deeper with keeping a different sound while still making it an instant slapper for the trunk. We’re in talks of doing a video for one..or three new songs hes comin out with. im pretty juiced.

SideBar: I dont know if im late on this but I came across this fuckin funny ass video on a girly friends FB. 

LOL @ number 25