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kinda behind

(yes i stole this from niq.)

Greatest apologies for not having a decent video treat for yall, but fret not, I’ve got an arsenal of shit comin your way.

Yesterday, Enai Q and myself headed over to the town where it all crack, to the Youth Radio building. We met up with none other than the world-famous, award winning Wild n Krazy Kids Radio show. We covered thm for the next GRG artist feature so look out for that soon.

During the radio show, they were kind enough to give us some interview time of our own! (OMGG) Be sure to download or listen free on their website! You should subscribe to and download their podcast on iTunes! The shit is free and the music and mixes are of the finest quality. DO IT.


BIG shout out to the Krazy Kids fam: DJ Ant-1, J Boo, Ruby Red I, MzFrantastik, Miso Soup, and Teflon Dom!


**UPDATE**: The show is now up! Click HERE to listen! We’re on alittle towards the end. Thanks again WKK!


sweet set up

Peep my new editing “suite.” My desk used to be cluttered with DV tapes, wires, garbage, old plates, water bottles and parking tickets I havent paid. Ive got my shitty CRT monitor for when im editing and a nice undershelf space for all my DV tapes I have yet to edit. 

Suck on this ikea.



Also, I am editing episode 4 as I write this. Should be up by weds day. 



featuring: GRG vT


This will be the OFFICIALL name for these video treats. Notice it’s GRG vT not ‘tv’. Isn’t that liek hELla ClEavAr?

Like I said, I’d like for these to turn into segments/pieces on random interests; Musicians, Artists, Clothing Companies, Interesting people.

But not just any random ‘joe’ that can play a guitar to a shitty boom-clap beat, recorded one shitty ass song from his on board mic on his laptop and all of a sudden he has a ‘clothing line’ that screen prints lame ass shit like a TEDDY BEAR WEARING A SHEMAGH-WITH BLOOD LEAKING OUT AND SAYS ‘HIP-HOP’  on the sleeve!…..NAHH fuck that weak ass shit.

I want to feature quality ARTISTS. I want to help convey their idea’s and set up the necessary awareness for these local artists. I want to put you on to some un-wack shit.

We all know how big the artist community/ industry is..especially here in the Bay Area. With these video treats, hopefully, I will share with you those artists and individuals who share that purpose of using a particular media to evoke an emotional response from a recipient. That purpose we call “Art.”


Which brings me to the feature of the next episode…

You can find GRG vT here this coming weekend. I hear there is supposed to be a special performance form Supreme Soul AND Team Millenia. You realize what that means right? Maybe…JUSSSSTTTTT maybe…I can score an interview with a certain someone.

Otherwise I’m gonna try to score interviews with some of the competing crews..and random people? Anyway if you’re gonna be there holler at your boy.